Zombie Apocalypse Hits Academy Del Sol !!!

Posted on 11/02/2016

Academy del Sol’s Project-Based Learning school-wide activity was centered on a Zombie Apocalypse.  The activity included state and national standards and benchmarks for all subject areas and also targeted basic life skills.

The advent of disasters that have happened recently and the lack of preparedness from normal Americans have prompted Academy teachers to address this problem, attach it to core activities, and allow the students to have fun and be creative.

Hurricane Katrina, Jamestown flooding, Bernalillo electrical cutoff, and Hurricane Matthew have shown us that citizens need a minimum of techniques to learn how to survive when electrical power is not available, water supplies are compromised, food is scarce, and governmental help is many days away.  These disasters did not happen did not happen just in coastal areas, rural areas, or “somewhere else”.  

Academy activities (cross-curricular) are as follows:

  1. Preparedness techniques – what to buy, how to store, how much to store and purchase, and basic survival skills were presented by students and faculty.

  2. Bug-out bag – what should be in a basic kit that you could carry on your back in case you need to leave your home or the area.

  3. Social impact – live scenarios where students take up the personas of ordinary people with their life and professional skills, students were given 20 minutes to present their skills and decide which half of their people would survive in a fictitious bunker.

  4. Zombie newspaper – students made newspapers and news articles (such as “stock market” of body parts, news articles relating to the zombie point-of-view, and advertisements for products for zombies.

  5. Zombie election – Zombie election posters and speeches.  Student worked on a Zombie presidential run.

  6. Zombie constitution – creation of laws for a Zombie nation.  Zombie 10th Amendment may be very different than ours…

  7. Zombie logo – students created logos for zombie businesses using geometric shapes (Zombies have a hard time with fine motor skills).

  8. New Mexico relocation – students learned New Mexico history and geography and formulated plans for how to relocate, where to relocate, and what material they needed to bring to that location (medical, seeds, animals) in order to create their ideal property/new society.  Students drew maps, landscape plans, and created posters of their dream designs and locales.

  9. Emergency pre-planning – discussion with their family on where they should try to meet if they were separated, how they could try to contact each other in case of a disaster, and who outside of the local community they should try to contact if local problems happen too long.  This also helps students prepare for any future city they may be living in.

  10. Outbreak – a live scenario of a Zombie outbreak predicated by the transference of a pathogen on $50 bills.  Some students were survivors, the rest became Zombies.  Survivors made it off of Academy del Sol’s campus without getting touched.

  11. Presentations – students picked one project (above) or topic to present to each other.